Canadian Arctic GEMM Center

Sentinel North, a Université Laval research program, is conducting transdisciplinary research on the changing Canadian Arctic and its impact on humanity. Université Laval hosts several multi-institutional pan-Canadian organization networks. 

Sentinel North

Martin Fortier
Executive Director
Sentinel North


Sentinel North

Funded by the Canada First Research Excellence Fund, the Sentinel North Strategy allows Université Laval to draw on over a half-century of northern and optics/photonics research to develop innovative new technology, train the next generation of transdisciplinary researchers and improve our understanding of the northern environment and its impact on human beings and their health.

Center for Northern Studies

The Centre d’études nordique (CEN)’s mission is to contribute to the sustainable development of northern regions by way of an improved understanding and prediction of environmental change. Our research focuses on northern ecosystems and geosystems, and is used to formulate adaptation strategies relevant to the North. In partnership with national and international collaborators as well as with government, industry and northern communities, CEN plays a pivotal role in environmental stewardship and development of the circumpolar North through its research on cold environments. CEN trains highly qualified specialists adept at dealing with the challenges brought about by rapid change in the dual context of climate warming and socio-economic change. CEN is devoted to knowledge exchange with communities, thereby contributing to education, training and the well-being of northerners.